All hands to save the ACA

This morning, after weeks of total secrecy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the Senate TrumpCare bill. And what a cruel, ugly bill it is.

It destroys Medicaid, it increases health costs for middle-class families, it cuts coverage for pre-existing conditions, it eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood…and it does this all in order to green-light a massive tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. And, according to IndivisibleGuide, it will likely get worse once it gets to the Senate floor. This is how they believe the TrumpCare fight will play out:

  • Tomorrow we’ll get a score (report) from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which will quantify exactly how many millions of Americans will be screwed by this bill and in what ways.
  • On Mon or Tues, Republicans will start debate on “the bill,” which is just a draft bill intended to make it look like they’re being transparent but in reality is a trick to hide their finished product which is worse.
  • Over the next couple days, Senators will submit amendments, most of which will fail and none of which would make this bill redeemable.
  • On Thurs, the Senate will plan to vote on the legislation, but first they will vote on all submitted amendments (known as “vote-a-rama”). We play a role here.
  • At the last possible minute, Republicans will replace the entire bill they just got finished “debating” with an alternative bill secretly crafted behind closed doors.
  • By the end of Thurs, there could be a final vote in the Senate.
  • The House may then pass the legislation and send it to Trump to sign. It is possible this could happen the same day.
  • Next weekend, one week of congressional recess begins. They’ll either have the bill done by then, or they’ll have to wait another week. Throughout this process there will be precisely zero public hearings in the Senate. This is a historically partisan, secretive, and undemocratic process for one of the most consequential pieces of legislation of our generation.

The press can’t cover the TrumpCare fight since it is taking place in private, so fewer people know about it.

That means there’s less public pressure on Congress, and it’s easier for Senate Republicans to move forward. If we drag this TrumpCare bill out into the light, it will raise alarms.

Here is an anti-TrumpCare ad that we hope will help with this.

Let’s keep up the fight! We need to call our Senators again. Don’t be sheepish! Many Indivisible groups are calling their Senators every day!

Stand Up SF actions:

Call both Senators and ask them to present hundreds or even thousands of amendments to the bill, and keep the amendments coming until there are adequate public hearings on the bill. (more info)

Call both Senators and ask them to withhold consent on all senate business until there are adequate public hearings on the bill. This will slow Senate business down to a crawl. This is the idea. (more info)

Submit an amendment. IndivisibleGuide is collecting amendments and submitting them directly to Senate staff. Tell your story about how the bill will hurt you. Ask that it be changed so it does not hurt you. This will be read on the Senate floor, and will make it more politically painful for Republicans to move forward.

Thanks for all you do.