Down to the wire

It’s crunch time. The GOP is going to try to ram TrumpCare down our throats this week, before Congress departs for the July recess. We need anything and everything you can give right now to prevent millions of us from losing health care — let’s face it, to prevent millions of us from dying preventable deaths.

At our meeting yesterday, we focused on health care at both the national and local level, and we learned that the majority of you have already taken action on this issue. It’s great to see how engaged you all are! But we are going to need more from you if we’re going to win this fight.

On Tuesday, our delegation will demand that Senator Feinstein break with her historical anti-obstruction stance and withhold consent on all senate business until there are adequate public hearings on the TrumpCare bill. There’s still room for one more Stand Up SF member at this action, so please join us.

Yesterday we also talked about the attempt to lay the blame for recent special election losses at Nancy Pelosi’s feet. It’s not surprising that the GOP would demonize Congresswoman Pelosi (after all, Obama and Clinton aren’t around anymore), but it’s kind of horrifying to see the progressive left throwing her under the bus as well. We know that it’s Pelosi’s sterling record on health care, effective leadership, and progressive “San Francisco values” that make her a GOP target. We love those values! It doesn’t make sense for Democrats to attack one of our own right now, particularly not someone who is consistently going to bat for us. As one of our members said yesterday, “I don’t think we should let the Republicans choose our leaders.”

So when we go to Congresswoman Pelosi’s office next week, she’ll hear a strong message of support from us. If you value what she’s done for us in the resistance, or have questions about her next steps as minority leader, please register for this action.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Stop TrumpCare: Call both Senators and ask them to withhold consent on all senate business until there are adequate public hearings on the bill. (script)
  • Stop TrumpCare #2: Call both Senators and ask them to present as many amendments to the bill as possible, until there are adequate public hearings on the bill. (script)
  • Stop TrumpCare #3: Submit your own amendment! IndivisibleGuide is collecting amendments and submitting them directly to Senate staff. Tell your story about how the bill will hurt you. Ask that it be changed so it does not hurt you. This will be read on the Senate floor, and will make it more politically painful for Republicans to move forward. Remember, even if you have insurance through your employer, TrumpCare will negatively affect you.
  • Fight for single payer in California: Unfortunately, Speaker Rendon has stalled SB 562, the Healthy California Act, in spite of the robust study that was done to analyze its financial impact. Call Speaker Rendon at 916-319-2063, or email him and let him know what you think. Please also call Assembly members Ting and Chiu. You can say “I am a Californian and I strongly support S.B. 562, the Healthy California Act, because every Californian deserves guaranteed healthcare. Speaker Rendon must move SB 562 forward as the best solution to the federal attacks on our healthcare. No other solution saves billions and covers everyone with medical, dental, vision, mental health and more.”

Actions with other groups

Learning opportunities

  • Tue 6/27: Webinar: Learn the basics of a Medicare-for-all single payer type system, special features of SB 562, and an economic analysis of the program conducted by outside experts. Register here
  • Mon 6/26: National Immigration Law Center hosts a webinar on current court cases and policies impacting immigrants. RSVP