Senators are listening

So the “Take Away My Health Care” bill died. You could almost hear the big collective sigh of relief across America.

No, wait!! It came back to life! EEEEK!!

OK whew! It died again!

Oh Noooo! It’s stirring… it’s… alive!

It’s like that B-rated horror flick where the zombie just won’t die. The latest iteration, “Repeal and Deal With It Later,” rips healthcare away from 32 million people. After 7+ years of attacking the Affordable Care Act, what Republicans need for their better healthcare plan is… more time.

David Leonhardt of the NYTimes has a perspective that has given me hope throughout this ordeal. He explains that once the country commits to a more decent safety net, it becomes an accepted part of society. Poverty, disease and misfortune that had previously been accepted as normal then became rejected as cruel.

In this article today in Vox, The health care resistance is working. Just ask a few Republican senators, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Senate Republicans have privately admitted to him that the resistance’s pressure is making a difference:

At the same time, we must not forget that politicians are willing to take away our health care. We must not let our guard down, as we know what we got last time we said “that can’t happen.”

I want to pass on something else I learned recently that gave me a bit of relief. You may have heard Republicans are using a process called reconciliation for healthcare. They also intend to use the same process for their next project, tax reform. The reconciliation process allows a bill to pass with fewer votes (in this Senate, without Democrat votes). However, it comes with some limitations. Senate rules only allow one reconciliation bill at a time. So, if Republicans want to do tax reform via reconciliation, they have to first either pass or abandon their healthcare reconciliation bill. And if they don’t successfully gut healthcare, they don’t have the new revenue they need to fund their dream list of deep tax cuts.

Stand Up SF actions:

Trump can cancel parts of Obamacare funding. This would be devastating to millions of people who would lose access to affordable health coverage and it would send ACA markets into chaos, risking insurance even for those who don’t require financial assistance. Sign Senator Harris’s petition to keep funding Obamacare.

Trump wants to reverse Obama’s decision to protect the Atlantic and Arctic oceans from risky offshore drilling. Submit a comment to The Department of the Interior and tell them: Our oceans should be protected, not polluted. Keep America’s coastline off limits to drilling.

Actions with other groups:

Move-On is working to train community volunteers to mobilize together quickly in the event of a crisis that threatens our life or liberty. Sign up.

Tue 7/25: How to Help Your Friends When They’re Harassed Online: Bystander Intervention Digital Training by HeartMob. Sign up.