Resistance. It gets the job done.

I’m still wrapping my head around what happened this week in the Senate, and how we pulled ourselves back from the brink of tens millions of people having their health care taken away. Let me take a minute to reflect on how Indivisible groups like us worked together to save countless lives.

Our resistance against the cruel Trump agenda didn’t just blossom this week. We’ve been applying constituent pressure to our members of Congress for six months. At meetings with Congressional staff, on phone calls about health care, in outreach to voters in red states, we consistently made it clear that repealing or crippling the Affordable Care Act was unacceptable. From the first day of this appalling administration we kept up the pressure, and this week in the Senate we saw the dramatic results of months of resistance work.

We helped protect essential health benefits. We helped keep pre-existing conditions. We held off lifetime and annual caps. We kept subsidies. Most significantly, and counter to everything the Republicans hold dear, we held on to the expansion of Medicaid.

Your work saved lives.

How? The Republicans have a Senate majority, a House majority and a mean-spirited television pitch man in the White House. But in each vote this week, a handful of Republican senators listened to their constituents (and perhaps their consciences) and came to the conclusion that they could not justify denying Americans basic health care just for a political brag. How did they know that the people would not permit this? Because we told them, loudly and clearly.

Every single No vote was the “deciding vote.” Don’t forget every Democrat and Independent, including our own senators and congresswoman, who banded together and held against these heartless bills — because they knew we had their backs and would accept nothing less. (Stand Up SF will absolutely be conveying heartfelt thanks to Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris and Congresswoman Pelosi for their courage and resolve this week. Just check their Facebook and Twitter feeds.)

Red state outreach. We found new tools this week for lending our support and encouragement directly to friends and family in red states, and Stand Up SF will be working to leverage these tools for the fights to come.

The Republicans have been running on destroying the ACA for seven years. They come out of this failure much weaker, and we emerge not just with a victory, but now more tested, more skilled, and stronger for the next fight.

We know that this week wasn’t the end of the story. We’re playing the long game, and the Republican’s efforts to dismantle health care could return. There are more fights to come. But now we know that the work Stand Up SF does matters, that principled resistance works, and that Trumpism can be stopped.

This win took all of us, and I want to thank you for your dedication and for being a vital part of the team. So take a breath, look around at what we’ve protected, and I’ll see you next time.