All hands on deck. TrumpCare is back.

Over the summer you stood up and prevented the Republicans in the Senate from dismantling the Affordable Care Act. The efforts of the resistance stopped the GOP multiple times in one crucial week from passing legislation that would have deprived millions of Americans of health care. Your voice helped stop it.

TrumpCare is back. The need is urgent.

The Graham-Cassidy bill has until September 30 to pass in the Senate, and the GOP is trying to ram it through under this deadline. This bill, like its predecessors, would destroy Medicaid as we know it. In this case, it would:

    • eliminate the ACA’s marketplace subsidies and replace them with an inadequate block grant given to states.
    • eliminate even this block grant funding after 2026.


  • favor red states that did not expand access and coverage for their residents by punishing states that did.

The result? Massive disruption of the health care marketplace, and the health of tens of millions in jeopardy.

And just as before, Senate Republicans are trying to pass this bill in days, without hearings and without the regular committee process, hoping that we won’t notice.

We noticed. 

Make sure your Senators know you are paying attention and that TrumpCare 3.0 is not acceptable. Tell them that you want them to commit to following “regular order” and working through the committee process — and that TrumpCare must be ended permanently in the Senate.

This is not a drill. We’ve stopped TrumpCare before. We need to do it again, and now.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • Call Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris (phone numbers to the right) and demand that they use all legislative tools, including filibusters and withholding of consent, to stop this bill and save countless American lives.
  • Use this call script when talking to your senators’ offices.
  • Contact your friends and family in red states, and urge them to call their senators to oppose Graham-Cassidy.

Actions with other groups:

Thank you for all that you do,