We get to keep our healthcare

The latest GOP healthcare bill is dead. Whew! A huge relief! It is dead because of the pressure we put on those who represent us. 2,233 Indivisibles made 320,552 calls to constituents of the holdout GOP Senators! We were part of this! In addition, last week alone, Indivisibles with red Senators hosted 172 events at congressional district offices. This is a major victory. Even with a unified conservative government, attempts to hurt people can be stopped by constituents exercising their power. Go Indivisibles!

Happy we won? Consider making a small contribution to Indivisible so “the mothership” can help us win more. We believe Indivisible represents a pretty strategic and critical investment at this time.

Sadly, the fight isn’t over. Trump is deliberately sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, compressing Open Enrollment, slashing the outreach budget, putting out anti-ACA propaganda, cutting assistance to local organizations who help people enroll, and more. And insurers are already starting to jack up premiums as a result of Trump’s ongoing threats to end reimbursements for subsidizing lower-income customers as required by the law (called cost-sharing reductions). FL just announced a 45% increase.

Our next long fight will be about tax reform. Republican lawmakers this week unveiled a 9-page tax blueprint that reduces taxes on the highest earners and on businesses while closing almost no loopholes. It raises the lowest tax bracket, and creates what looks like trillions in new debt. The silence from deficit hawks has been deafening.

Tax policy is a statement of our national priorities. It tells us who we are. Public opinion is on our side, with recent polls showing that what Americans would like even better than a tax break is for government to spend more to educate their children, rebuild infrastructure, and provide health care and a safety net for the elderly, veterans and the poor. A fact-check of Trump’s tax speech this week shows we are in for an onslaught of misleading statements and downright lies.

This week wacko birther extremist Roy Moore won the GOP primary to take the Senate seat Jeff Sessions vacated. Who knew a single Senate candidate could make so many headlines. Moore is especially dangerous as he believes his personal religious views should supersede our civil laws, and far-right Christian religious culture should infuse our institutions. He is a zealous bigot against rights for gays and women among others. He is fact-challenged, was a columnist at the conspiracy-theory site World Net Daily, and just this week said there is sharia law in the US right now — “as I understand it, in Illinois, Indiana.” He compared a congressman taking the oath of office on a Koran to doing so on Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” and said 9/11 was punishment from God. He also brandished a revolver at a campaign rally. Super cool! Some are afraid his election will start a trend. Let’s hope he doesn’t win the general election on Dec. 12.

Also this week it was revealed that six white house advisers including Kushner have been using personal email for official business (as well as disappearing messaging apps), and the FBI revealed it is investigating about 1,000 cases of white supremacist domestic terrorism.

Stand Up SF actions:

  • The Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) has introduced a new regulation that would allow the agency to collect info from immigrants’ Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram uploads, and search results. The proposed rule would also
    allow DHS to monitor the social media accounts of green card holders and naturalized citizens, and, according to an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, U.S. citizens who communicate with immigrants, File a public
    comment on this invasion of privacy.
  • Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the former Verizon lawyer who wants to repeal net neutrality rules, has to be re-confirmed by the Senate now that his term is up. This could happen any day. Call Senators Feinstein and Harris
    and tell them to vote NO on Ajit Pai for another term as head of FCC.
  • GOP House leaders say they will vote on a bill next Tues to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with doctors facing up to five years in jail for providing care. Call Congresswoman Pelosi and ask her to make sure all House Dems vote against this invasion of women’s rights.

Actions with other groups:

  • ACLU is going on the offense at the state and local levels to expand access to the ballot and make our democracy more representative. Their first step is to host events where volunteers can watch a “Let People Vote” Livestream
    Training that covers everything needed to immediately get to work locally to protect our voting rights. Sign up to host an event on Sun 10/1 at 4pm. If you decide to host an event, let us know and we will get the word out to Stand Up SF members!
  • Mon 10/2 5:30-8:30, The SF Immigrant Rights Commission is holding a special hearing on the latest travel ban.
  • Wed 10/4 6-9pm Mission: We are all invited to join Swing Left’s party and fundraiser at El Rio, 3158 Mission St in San Francisco. The event will feature David Chiu, CA State Assemblymember, Lucia Nuñez, CA-10 District Organizer for the CA Dem Party, and Dan Hoyle, an actor and writer who has entertained many of us at the Marsh Theater and elsewhere. The Swing Left organizers are putting together a build-your-own taco bar for us all to enjoy, and there will be a cash bar. RSVP so they know how much food to buy. They ask attendees to donate what you can ($10 – $20 – $50 – $100) either ahead of time or at the door. Funds support their effort to take back the House in 2018.