It’s personal.

My first protest was a pro-choice march I attended with my mother when I was in high school. Mom made sure I understood the impact of unplanned pregnancy on my physical and mental health, my economic stability, my relationships, and my future. As a bisexual woman, I was lucky to have a mother who made sure I had condoms in my wallet, and lucky to have access to hormonal birth control through Planned Parenthood throughout my youth.

Reproductive rights, sexual rights, and the rights to bodily and economic sovereignty are crucially, personally important to me, and my whole life I’ve been glad to have the freedom to choose. Roe v. Wade happened when I was five and I’ve lived in California since then, so I’ve never been denied access to birth control or an abortion. I’ve been able to live with a freedom every woman should have, but as the GOP chips away at our rights, fewer and fewer women do.

Last week, the House passed a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, falsely claiming that the fetus feels pain at this point. The cruel bill, which would force women to carry fetuses with fatal birth defects to term, is now headed for the Senate. Shortly after that, Trump announced a new Dept. of Health and Human Services rule that would allow employers to deny reproductive health coverage to anybody for “religious or moral” reasons. This will undermine contraceptive coverage in all health insurance plans, and is all about punishing women, and restraining our freedom.

It’s comforting to feel safe in California, with Senators Feinstein and Harris looking out for us. But Senator Feinstein has released no public statement on either issue. Make sure she knows what you want from her.

Take action now!


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