Protect our birth control

Earlier this month, Trump issued new rules allowing employers, health insurance providers, and universities to drop insurance coverage for birth control if they have any religious or moral objection. Trump’s rules not only threaten our bodily autonomy and right to privacy, but also our health and well-being. Birth control is medicine, whether it’s used to prevent pregnancy, or treat illnesses like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Since then, a group of women’s health champions in the House and Senate introduced the Protect Access to Birth Control Act. This legislation will repeal the Trump administration’s new rules on birth control coverage. Although this bill has been co-sponsored by 54 House Democrats so far, our Congresswoman has not yet signed on.

We’ve fought hard to win affordable access to this necessary health care. With your help, we can make sure we keep it.


Call Congresswoman Pelosi and ask her to co-sponsor HR 4082, the Protect Access to Birth Control Act. You can say “I am calling to urge the Congresswoman to cosponsor the Protect Access to Birth Control Act, and help save thousands of Americans from losing their contraception coverage. Birth control is medicine, and we should not be denied affordable access to this critical health care because our boss or school objects.”

Want to do more? Join a Reproductive Freedom Town Hall to meet pro-choice candidates for state superintendent, hosted by NARAL Pro-Choice America. Learn more and sign up.


Brown Bag Lunch w Senator Feinstein’s State Director
Fri, Nov 3, Noon
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