What victory means

Yesterday, a blue wave swept across the country, paying off a year’s worth of resistance in one unprecedented night.

Democrats won 14 of 15 races, held the Delaware Senate, flipped the Washington Senate, and may also have flipped the Virginia House of Delegates. In nearly every race, Republican men were beaten by women: women of color, queer women, and transwomen. Which is your favorite win: the new Virginia delegate, a transgender woman who unseated the man who wrote the state’s “bathroom bill,” or the new Sikh mayor of Hoboken who overcame a racist marketing campaign?

We’ve been focusing our efforts at the federal level, but winning these state races is crucial to protect voting rights. With Democrats committed to enfranchisement at the helm, we can look forward to fixing gerrymandering and re-enfranchising voters of color in at least three key states.

Above all, these wins show the power of the resistance, the work we’ve all done and will keep doing, until November 2018 looks just like last night.

If you donated your time or money to these campaigns, THANK YOU for helping restore some balance and justice in this country. And to all of you, thank you for your ongoing rejection of hate and fear.


November General Meeting
Sunday, November 12th
12:30 – 2:30pm —please note the earlier start time
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

Senator Harris Office Visit
Thursday, November 30th
50 United Nations Plaza