Thank you

Let me reflect on gratitude for a second. In troubled times, when we’re fighting for justice on so many fronts, it’s crucial that we not lose sight of the remarkable achievements that you, the members of Stand Up San Francisco, have accomplished:

  • Creating a voice for justice and against ignorant and toxic tyranny.
  • Helping defeat legislation that would have deprived millions of health care.
  • Building a broad coalition of progressive groups in the Bay Area to work together against the Trump agenda.
  • Providing your great ideas so that Stand Up SF can become a better organization, and thus help create a more perfect union.
  • Generously giving of your time and energy when we needed your help.
  • Showing up! Participating in office actions, meetings, working sessions and strategy conversations, and bringing your best selves to the work.

Alongside my gratitude to you for all of the above, I think my deepest gratitude today is for the future that you’re building: one where an engaged and passionate citizenry participates in the important civic questions of the day, making a real government of, by and for the people. This is the legacy of Stand Up San Francisco; thank you for making it possible.

For Today

On this day, I want to encourage you to consider making a special effort in service of North America’s indigenous peoples. One way to do so, in keeping with our mission to resist the Trump agenda: Stand With Standing Rock.