URGENT: Last chance to kill the tax bill

Republicans are rushing to a final vote on the Trump Tax Scam “conference report” THIS WEEK, before Senator-elect Doug Jones is seated. The people of Alabama have spoken, and they rejected the Trump agenda. Their voices deserve to be heard, and that means no vote on the Trump Tax Scam before Doug Jones is in the Senate.

Meanwhile, every week Congress fails to act on DACA, 1000 young people lose protection from deportation every week. Leader Pelosi can play a critical role in protecting DREAMers by refusing to vote for a Continuing Resolution budget deal that doesn’t include a clean DREAM Act — and right now she is folding to Trump on this fight.


  1. Use Indvisible’s call tool to call the GOP’s constituents in red states and connect them to their Senators to say #NoJonesNoVote.
  2. Call Leader Pelosi and tell her to pick a side: either fight for DREAMers now, or let thousands more face deportation. You can say “Hi, I’m [NAME] with Stand Up San Francisco and my zip code is [ZIP CODE], and I’m calling to tell Congresswoman Pelosi that she must protect DREAMers. Please pass along my message that a vote on a continuing resolution without the Dream Act, is a vote to deport Dreamers. I want her to refuse to vote on a continuing resolution that doesn’t include a clean DREAM Act.”