Good news from 2017.

It’s a remarkable experience, sifting through the memories of 2017, as we take stock of what a year’s worth of resistance has taught us. Sometimes it’s seemed like Donald Trump has been intentionally working to desensitize us to bad news, generating it as he does on a daily basis.That’s why it’s crucial right now, while renewing and strengthening our resolve to continue the fight, to recognize:
There was a lot of very good news in 2017.

Here’s just some of what I mean:

  • Trump’s approval rating continues to reach historic lows — even amongst those who voted for him.
  • The day after the inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington demonstrated, in the largest single-day demonstration in American history (over 4 million people), that Trump’s agenda is unacceptable to the American people.
  • The U.S. Senate voted down a repeal of the Affordable Care Act — not once or twice, but three times — as a direct result of constituent pressure like yours. 
  • Last year’s elections yielded breathtaking wins in repudiation of the Trump agenda: Alabama’s first Democratic senator in over 25 years; governors in New Jersey and Virginia; erasing a 32-note GOP majority in the Virginia House of Delegates; Democratic wins in races in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, and Tennessee.
  • Current electoral signs point to a blue wave this November!
  • One week ago, a federal judge in Washington state blocked parts of the Trump administration’s travel ban that limits entry into the United States by refugees from several majority Muslim nations.
  • Three of Trump’s judicial nominees withdrew their names for consideration in December after it became clear that they were not remotely qualified.
  • Voters in Maine approved an expansion of Medicaid, in a rebuke of extreme-right Governor Paul LePage.
  • The country is having a long-overdue conversation around the unacceptability of sexual harassment — and perpetrators are now facing the consequences of their actions. Even the GOP-held Congress and Supreme Court are taking stock of their own workings to address these abuses of power.
  • The Mueller investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government is escalating — stay tuned.

Oh, and there’s one more to mention:

  • The Indivisible movement and other grassroots citizen action groups have changed the face of American politics. We, the people, have claimed a stronger voice than ever before in the nation’s progress.

The tide is turning, and America is catching on and turning against the Trump con. 

We’ll need all of you to help win back Congress in 2018. As your New Year’s Resolution, pledge to step up your involvement in Stand Up San Francisco. Commit today to volunteer.

2018 promises to be a watershed year, and I’m proud to be working with you on the right side of history. We’ll be able to say that not only were we there — we were part of the solution.

Best to you and yours in the new year,