We’re back, and we’re better than ever

I just got back from an energizing meeting with resistance leaders from the Bay Area and New York, and I’m more convinced than ever that our coalition-building is working. One of the inspiring things we discussed today was how to make our opposition to the current state of emergency more visible internationally by taking part in mass protests, like the women’s march coming up this month. Mark your calendar for January 20th as a date to tell other nations: we are not okay with what’s happening in our country!

Congress returns to work tomorrow, and as you might expect, they have a lot of damage planned. One of the things they’ll be trying to do is pass a bill funding the government without protecting DREAMers. Did you know that Senator Feinstein finally bowed to our pressure and voted against the budget resolution because it didn’t include a clean DREAM Act? We need to thank her for that. In addition, our blue MoCs need to be reminded that a wall is a no-negotiation dealbreaker. Trump is demanding that an $18 billion wall be funded in exchange for protecting DACA youth. This is a moment for us to stiffen our reps’ spines and tell them not to negotiate.


Call all three of MoCs and thank them for standing with DREAMers. Tell them not to budge: no funding for the government without a clean DREAM act, and no wall ever. (script). You can add “I want [Senator/Congresswoman NAME] to refuse to fund any aggressive immigration tactic including a wall, new ICE agents, and more stringent asylum requirements in exchange for Dreamers’ futures.”

Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot, and send an email to all three MoCs in under 2 minutes!


Women’s March: Noe Valley contingent!
Saturday, January 20th
12:30pm – 3:30pm
Join our fellow activists Action SF for the Women’s March. GET THE DETAILS

Stand Up SF General Meeting
Sunday, January 21
2pm – 4pm
Noe Valley Public Library
451 Jersey Street