This is a really big deal

On Friday, Trump took another major step to delegitimize the Russia investigation.

Having created an artificial controversy around the supposedly scandalous Nunes memo, which alleges that the FBI abused its surveillance authority, Trump then released it, to a collective “meh” from observers. There’s no evidence to suggest either that the FBI acted unlawfully or improperly in collecting information about Trump and Russia.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has a memo of his own that he wants released, which fact-checks the Nunes memo. The entire House Committee, including Republicans, voted to release that memo, but on Friday, Trump blocked its release. Trump doesn’t want people to know the truth: that there’s nothing improper about Mueller’s investigation. Senator Feinstein and Congresswoman Pelosi have already called him out for it.

Let’s put it bluntly: Trump is obstructing justice. This is an impeachable offense, and we need to get loud about it.


Call Congresswoman Pelosi right now and tell her to read the Schiff memo on the House floor. You can say, “My name is [NAME] calling from San Francisco, and I think that Congresswoman Pelosi should read the Schiff memo into the congressional record. The Constitution protects her from liability in sharing that information, even if it’s classified. We need to have that context in order to counter the misinformation of the Nunes memo, and we constituents will back her up on this.”

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Congresswoman Pelosi Office Visit
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Wednesday, February 14
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