Putting the Pressure on Gunmakers

Like many of you, I was proud to join yesterday in the March For Our Lives protest in the heart of San Francisco. You’ve probably seen the coverage of the brave Parkland teens in Washington speaking up — and I can tell you that yesterday in San Francisco we were taught about conscience and the value of protecting lives, from those we thought it was our role to teach:

We join them in pledging to do all we can to keep our school and communities safe.



One of the most impressive — and historically effective — actions yesterday’s speakers emphasized was divestment from gun manufacturers.

Taking the financial power away has worked with apartheid. It has worked with oil. It will work with companies that create tools of mass slaughter. And you can do it right now.

Start with the nation’s major investment firms and demand that they use their shareholder strength to rein in gunmakers. Easy scripts and contact tools are at:


Investments in gun manufacturers are often hidden in mutual funds. But that information is easy to find, if you look for it. In fact, one site offers easy analysis:

Goodbye Gun Stocks: Divestment Made Easy

Finally, make sure that you know whether you’re holding ownership in a particular gunmaker’s stock with this list:

Publicly Traded Firearm and Electronic Weapon Stocks

As appallingly immoral as it might sound, these companies make their decisions based not on their affect on human lives, but on the bottom line. We the people have the power to ensure that making it easy for people to kill is no longer financially viable.

Our future will be safer.