Attack on Syria: action you can take right now

The use of chemical weapons in Syria is an atrocity. But Trump’s missiles make the situation much worse. He is acting outside the Constitution, which requires Congressional approval for acts of war. He is harming the very civilians he claims to want to help. And he is further destabilizing an already frighteningly volatile region.

Congress must insist on its sole authority over military force. Our members of Congress must denounce these attacks. They must challenge the president’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees. They must call on the administration to work with international partners for a political and diplomatic resolution to the fighting in Syria.


Call (or use ResistBot) to ask all three of our MOCs to stand against these reckless and unconstitutional acts of war. IndivisibleHQ has published this call script and tool.

Call and keep calling. The world needs our resistance, now more than ever.