Condemn Pruitt’s latest outrage

Scott Pruitt’s pick to run EPA Region 9 (Pacific Southwest) is an oil lobbyist and climate change denier. You might remember Michael Stoker as the origin of the anti-Hillary Clinton chant: “Lock her up!”

Stoker is not merely unqualified for the post. He’s unwilling to do what the job requires. A resident of Santa Barbara, he’s reluctant to work out of the San Francisco office. He wants to run the region from a small LA satellite office. This has been tried before, and proved to be a waste of time and money.


Call all three MOCs and say:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a constituent calling from zip code ___ and a member of Stand Up San Francisco. I am asking ___ as my representative to condemn the appointment of Michael Stoker to Region 9 of the EPA.

Besides his ties to the oil industry and extremist politics, Stoker is unwilling to work out of the San Francisco office, making him likely to be an absentee administrator and a drain on the agency’s resources.

Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot, and send an email in under 2 minutes!


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