New leadership

THANK YOU for all your work over the past two years to hold our leaders accountable and to build a blue wave. Because of you, we have a Democratic majority in the House. Here in California, Josh Harder has pulled ahead of Republican Jeff Denham in District 10, where we fought so hard.

And our victory totally changed the game: Democrats have agenda-setting power. They can pass legislation. They can use investigatory and subpoena power. They can act as a check on this administration. This is hugely powerful.

So we need a new game plan! Indivisible is coming out with a new playbook, Indivisible on Offense, that we’ll share with you soon. And Stand Up San Francisco is changing, too: Paul and I are rotating out of leadership at the end of the year, and Rachel will be joined by Shannon C., whom many of you know from her stalwart participation in MoC visits. Here are a few words from Shannon:

SUSF has always been a safe space of sorts for me. I have always appreciated the combination of a drama-free environment and the fellowship of our passionate, well-informed, thoughtful members. To top it all off, it’s also the best option I have found to effectively communicate with my MOC’s on a regular basis! Paul and Laura have done an invaluable service in creating the strong foundation for this group, and we all truly owe them a huge debt of gratitude. (Thank you so much, Paul and Laura!)

I am really honored to be tasked with the responsibility of helping to lead this great group. This moment in time is very exciting. We have turned a corner, and the hard work we have put in will start paying dividends. With a civil but direct approach, we have cultivated healthy relationships in our monthly MoC staff meetings. Now we are in a unique position to help stop this destructive administration in its tracks, and put forward firm asks of our MoC’s that represent our progressive values and concerns. I’m looking forward to playing whatever part I can in “making sure the trains run on time,” and also pushing ourselves (and our MOC’s) to be as effective as we can be! Let’s do this!


Write to Congresswoman Pelosi and tell her that if she becomes Speaker of the House, she must protect the Mueller investigation, and lead a House investigation against Trump’s obstruction of justice. If you voted for her, definitely mention that.


At our October meeting, Aina S. reflected that Stand Up SF leadership has not been transparent with our members about the inner workings of our group. Paul, Rachel, Shannon, and I have taken this very much to heart, and we have started to spread a little sunshine around. On our website, you will now see a list of our volunteer roles to date, and who holds those roles. We’ve also shared the resources available in our Info Center, so that you can review action reports, talking points, and more. Let us know if there’s more we can share!


Stand Up SF November Meeting
Discuss election outcomes and our next steps.
Sunday, November 18
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Bethany United Methodist Church — note new location!
1270 Sanchez Street

Holiday Party
Saturday, December 1
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The home of Aina S.
1436 Taylor Street