Workers deserve to be paid

Trump’s shutdown drags on. The House and Senate did manage to pass a bill ensuring that workers will be paid for this and future shutdowns. Contractors, however, are not covered.

Senators Feinstein and Harris have both signed Senator Sherrod Brown’s letter to the Office of Management and Budget, asking the administration to direct agencies to compensate contractors for lost wages. But these workers deserve stronger protection.


Call our Senators and ask them to support legislation to pay contractors, should Brown introduce it. Call Speaker Pelosi and ask her to support HR 339, introduced by Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton, to provide for the compensation of Federal contractors.

A personal message from member Carole:

Urgent call–needed in the next 48 hours (By Friday 1/18 if possible)

As a member of Stand Up SF, I’ve been meeting with the offices of Congresswomen Feinstein and Pelosi. To assist them in getting our government re-opened and our country safe, they have asked for personal stories from Californians of how the shutdown has a direct adverse impact. If you or someone you know has lost income, lost work, or lost access to services, please email me your story in two paragraphs, with a photo. (my email is

I will gather up your stories and pass them on to Pelosi and Feinstein’s offices. They will be brought to the House and Senate floor to help underscore the real-world impact of the shutdown and to build consensus for an end to it. Help personalize this damaging standstill.

Please share and pass along to your friends/relatives/contacts/social media webs. Voices from red districts in California–especially the Central Valley–will be particularly helpful to convince Republican members of Congress.

Thank you so much!

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