Good news for your holiday Sunday

I’m just back from our monthly general meeting, always an energizing experience. I’m humbled by the integrity and thoughtfulness of our members. This month, Shannon and I tried an experiment. We ran the meeting as a working session to come up with talking points for the next round of Member of Congress actions.

Our policy team – Mary Beth, Patrick and Paul – has accomplished extraordinary things over the last two years and change. We’re eternally indebted to them for their contributions. As their attention turns to other priorities, we’re delighted to welcome new policy team members Aina and Katherine.

And we are delighted to welcome you. Talking Points should represent the concerns of Stand Up San Francisco as a group. We’re encouraged by the results of today’s working session, and we’ll continue this experiment. If you can’t make it to a general meeting, please don’t hesitate to email us your suggestions for Talking Points.

Now for the rest of today’s good news:


Call Speaker Pelosi and thank her for calling on Robert Mueller to testify in front of Congress. Televised Congressional hearings are more likely than any other channel to get the truth in front of the American public.