You are making a real difference

I’ve been so gratified to hear from so many of you about my report out from our last meeting. While some of our members are skeptical of pursuing impeachment as a political strategy and others are strongly in favor of it, we’re all united in our desire to see the un-redacted Mueller Report and congressional investigations.

Our new policy team met over the weekend to discuss how to incorporate group member feedback into our Talking Points for Member of Congress meetings. As one outcome of this conversation, we’re planning to write position papers for our members to read and discuss. Look for position papers on the Green New Deal and the outcome of the Mueller investigation in the weeks to come.

On the latter front, today was a day of fireworks. This morning, the president threatened to invoke executive privilege if the House Judiciary Committee held Attorney General William Barr in contempt. This afternoon, the committee voted to hold Barr in contemptThis is why we worked so hard to swing the midterms.

What happens now? That’s hard to say, but one thing I know is true. We wouldn’t even have got this far without organizing. Our work makes real a difference.


Call all three of our MoCs and say:

I’m calling today because I’m concerned about potential suppression of the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

I’m glad to hear the House Judiciary Committee has held William Barr in contempt, however I also expect Congress to hold public hearings with Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and other senior leadership members from the DOJ and FBI.

If calling is not your speed, Resistbot is your friend.