It’s up to us to close the camps

Members of Congress visited the concentration camps on our southern border this week, and their accounts confirmed our worst fearsAsylum-seekers are in overcrowded prison cells, forced to drink from toilets. Customs and Border Patrol officers were openly mocking the representatives, even as news broke of their racist, genocidal private Facebook group.

Since Trump took office, 24 adults have died in the camps. That number doesn’t include the children who have died, or those killed by CBP as they try to make their way across the desert in search of a better life.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these MOCs. Thanks also to the protestors – including Stand Up’s own Laura – who shut down Market Street outside Dianne Feinstein’s office as part of demonstrations across the country yesterday. If you missed that protest, there’s another on Friday, beginning at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

Because our own Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi folded under pressure, the Border Supplemental Appropriations Bill has passed. But another large appropriations bill looms. We must keep pushing Pelosi to #defundhate.


Call Speaker Pelosi and tell her to do better. Indivisible National offers a number of scripts, but this one is a good start:

In the DHS appropriations bill I oppose increasing enforcement and detention funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or any funds that will be used to separate immigrant children from their parents. I support the #DefundHate campaign.