ICE raids began today

Right now Congress is putting the finishing touches on appropriations. This process determines next year’s funding for federal agencies, including ICE and the Customs and Border Patrol. The first draft is better than it was, but that isn’t saying much. The bill includes $400m for ICE to spend as it pleases, on detaining innocent asylum-seekers in inhumane conditions. 

It gets worse. We’re hearing that Trump’s ICE raids began today. If you’re angry about concentration camps, family separations and mass deportations, you should be. The best way to fight back is to defund the agencies responsible.


Call all three MOCs and use this Indivisible script:

I’m calling to ask [MoC] to Defund Hate in this year’s budget by cutting funding for ICE and CBP in the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, and by getting rid of the slush fund in that bill that will allow ICE to continue terrorizing immigrant communities.

Protect immigrant families, and win in Mississippi

As most of us make plans to spend the holidays with our loved ones, thousands of migrant families and children remain apart due to Trump’s inhumane family separation policy. Let’s call our Members of Congress and remind them to vote against any spending bill that contains funding for ICE/CBP detention centers, deportation forces, or his stupid wall (script). Encourage them to re-adopt successful, cost-effective programs like the Family Case Management Program instead.

Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot and send emails instead!


The election isn’t over! there are still chances to help out Mike Espy in Mississippi, without having to venture out in the smoke. You can text and call for his runoff campaign from the comfort of your own home — sign up here.


Our hearts are absolutely breaking for the fire victims. Learn how you can help evacuees of the Camp Fire.


Please join Democracy Action next Sunday at a phone bank for Mike Espy! I’ll be there from 1 to 5.  Stop by for a while if you can!

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The GOP’s shell game: immigrants vs. Medicare

Because there are no tactics so abhorrent that Republicans won’t stoop to them, while we are breaking our hearts over their inhumane treatment of immigrants, they are trying to ram through a budget that would cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The so-called “A Brighter American Future” budget (can you believe it?) also threatens the Affordable Care Act.

Meanwhile, Trump’s recent executive order will result in mass and indefinite detention of families at the border. The U.S. Navy is already mobilizing to build massive tent cities to imprison immigrants, including here in the Bay Area.

The GOP thinks we can’t pay attention to more than one thing at a time. Show them they’re wrong.


Call all three MoCs right now and say, I am totally opposed to any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and I urge [MoC] to reject the new Trump Budget. You can also use Resistbot.

While you’re on the phone, thank your MoCs for supporting the Keep Families Together Act (script here).

Extra credit: Call Governor Brown at (916) 445-2841 and tell him to withdraw the California National Guard from the border (script).


Resistance is not enough; we must also elect Democrats to reclaim our country. We strongly encourage you to attend Democracy Action’s phone- and text-banking events. See the “UPCOMING EVENTS” section below to sign up.


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The Shutdown: What happened? What happens next?

I’d like to provide you with a few different viewpoints on the current budget/immigration standoff, in light of Democrats agreeing three days into the shutdown to approve a budget resolution. I’m seeing varying opinions from the blue side, and I don’t presume to know the future outcome of this conflict of basic social vales/chess match (take your pick).

Perspective #1:

Trump ended DACA unilaterally five months ago, and Republicans joined him in taking hostage the lives of tens of thousands of Americans who have done nothing wrong. They cannot be rewarded for this. Mitch McConnell famously goes back on this word, even to his fellow Republicans, and his vague assurances of bringing DREAM legislation to the floor cannot be trusted by anyone who has been paying attention. By caving on their pledge to stand against any further proceedings of the federal government without a clean DREAM Act, Senate Democrats sold out the most vulnerable amongst us and gave up their political leverage. And they did this while the breathtaking majority of Americans support protection for DREAMers. Morale has been undercut, and even the optics are self-destructive. The Democrats have demonstrated that when push comes to shove, they will not have the political courage to stand up for principles, and marginalized populations will again be thrown under the bus.

David Faris, THE WEEK

Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, INDIVISIBLE

Perspective #2:

This was the best possible outcome for the current budget standoff. Democrats gained an enormous benefit this round in re-authorization of Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years. The passage of a Clean DREAM Act becomes much more feasible when there’s actual legislation on the table, which now can happen. McConnell made an explicit promise on the Senate floor — if he goes back on it, he loses an enormous amount of political clout, which a canny politician like McConnell is unlikely to do. In the war on messaging, the Democrats were losing public opinion every day, so the optics and politics were only going to deteriorate at this point — putting red state Democratic seats in peril and undercutting the current midterm advantage. Democrats allowed the federal government to reopen for only 17 days, after which they can, and likely will, easily use this leverage again. And this time, the Democratic threat to shutdown the government over this issue has more teeth, because all now know that they are willing to go through with it.


Yascha Mounk, SLATE

Perspective #3:

Whether this was surrender or a wise gambit depends on the outcome.

Ezra Klein, VOX

John Cassidy, THE NEW YORKER

On Friday there was a report from Politico that Senate Democrats have dropped DACA from the budget negotiations, but I want to note that there’s been no corroboration on this reporting from any other source.

I’d like also to point out that all three of our members of Congress, Senators Feinstein and Harris and Representative Pelosi, voted No on the continuing resolution because it did not contain a clean DREAM Act, and have pledged to continue to do so.

The continuing resolution that was passed funds the government through February 8, and an immigration deal is being negotiated this week — so now is the time for us as citizens to step up our messaging to our elected representatives stating clearly what priorities, values and deal-breakers we want them to embrace.


We’re back, and we’re better than ever

I just got back from an energizing meeting with resistance leaders from the Bay Area and New York, and I’m more convinced than ever that our coalition-building is working. One of the inspiring things we discussed today was how to make our opposition to the current state of emergency more visible internationally by taking part in mass protests, like the women’s march coming up this month. Mark your calendar for January 20th as a date to tell other nations: we are not okay with what’s happening in our country!

Congress returns to work tomorrow, and as you might expect, they have a lot of damage planned. One of the things they’ll be trying to do is pass a bill funding the government without protecting DREAMers. Did you know that Senator Feinstein finally bowed to our pressure and voted against the budget resolution because it didn’t include a clean DREAM Act? We need to thank her for that. In addition, our blue MoCs need to be reminded that a wall is a no-negotiation dealbreaker. Trump is demanding that an $18 billion wall be funded in exchange for protecting DACA youth. This is a moment for us to stiffen our reps’ spines and tell them not to negotiate.


Call all three of MoCs and thank them for standing with DREAMers. Tell them not to budge: no funding for the government without a clean DREAM act, and no wall ever. (script). You can add “I want [Senator/Congresswoman NAME] to refuse to fund any aggressive immigration tactic including a wall, new ICE agents, and more stringent asylum requirements in exchange for Dreamers’ futures.”

Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot, and send an email to all three MoCs in under 2 minutes!


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