The GOP’s shell game: immigrants vs. Medicare

Because there are no tactics so abhorrent that Republicans won’t stoop to them, while we are breaking our hearts over their inhumane treatment of immigrants, they are trying to ram through a budget that would cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The so-called “A Brighter American Future” budget (can you believe it?) also threatens the Affordable Care Act.

Meanwhile, Trump’s recent executive order will result in mass and indefinite detention of families at the border. The U.S. Navy is already mobilizing to build massive tent cities to imprison immigrants, including here in the Bay Area.

The GOP thinks we can’t pay attention to more than one thing at a time. Show them they’re wrong.


Call all three MoCs right now and say, I am totally opposed to any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and I urge [MoC] to reject the new Trump Budget. You can also use Resistbot.

While you’re on the phone, thank your MoCs for supporting the Keep Families Together Act (script here).

Extra credit: Call Governor Brown at (916) 445-2841 and tell him to withdraw the California National Guard from the border (script).


Resistance is not enough; we must also elect Democrats to reclaim our country. We strongly encourage you to attend Democracy Action’s phone- and text-banking events. See the “UPCOMING EVENTS” section below to sign up.


Fireside Chat with Pelosi Staff
Wednesday, June 27
6pm – 7pm
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey St.

Families Belong Together National Protest
Saturday, June 30
Dolores Park

Phone Bank to flip a Senate seat with Democracy Action
Sunday, July 1
2624 3rd St., SF

Senator Harris Office Visit
Wednesday, July 11
3pm – 4pm
333 Bush Street, Suite 3325

Stand Up SF July General Meeting
Join us for a conversation with CARA, the California Alliance for Retired Americans, to learn about their Senior Vote 2018 initiative, and how you can become a Senior Ambassador to win back the house this November. Bring a friend!
Sunday, July 15
2pm – 4pm
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

The GOP wants to take food from moms and kids. You can stop them.

This week, the Republican-controlled House is going to try to make massive cuts to SNAP (food stamps), a program that helps more than 2 million people who are struggling to make ends meet.

The Farm Bill, an omnibus spending measure that has historically passed with bipartisan support, is just the latest in a series of Republican attempts to punish the poor, women, children, and people with disabilities.

This bill is also stuffed with provisions that undermine crucial environmental protections, prioritizing the logging industry over our forests.

Congresswoman Pelosi is trying to rally Democrats to oppose this bill. She needs all of our support. This Mother’s Day, protect moms and Mother Earth.


Call Congresswoman Pelosi and make sure she knows you oppose the Farm Bill. Use this script, and add your thanks for her statement in opposition to the bill.


Read our report from our 5/10 action with Congresswoman Pelosi’s staff. Find other action reports, talking points, and more in our Public Library.

Members of Stand Up San Francisco with Dan Bernal and Alex Lazar, from Congresswoman Pelosi's office
Members of Stand Up San Francisco with Dan Bernal and Alex Lazar, from Congresswoman Pelosi’s office


Brown Bag Lunch with Feinstein Staff
Friday, May 18
12pm – 1pm
301 Mission Street, lobby area – note new address!

Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team in Tracy
Don’t miss your last chance before the primaries to get out the vote and flip a house seat!
Saturday, May 19
11am – 4pm
902 N. Central Ave. Suite 201
Tracy CA
REGISTER NOW and we’ll follow up with details.

Stand Up SF General Meeting with special guest: Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Sunday, May 20
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey St.

TrumpCare hearing TOMORROW. Take action now!

Senators McCain and Collins have withdrawn their support from the Graham-Cassidy TrumpDoesn’tCare bill, which is estimated to rob coverage from over 20 million people. But the bill’s defeat is far from certain. We need to do everything we can to take it down, for Californians and for Americans everywhere.

The Senate Finance Committee will be holding a hearing on Graham-Cassidy tomorrow at 2pm ET. IndivisibleGuide is asking members to fill the hearing record with strong statements of opposition and stories of the devastating impact this would have on people, including people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions. See below for your action.


Meanwhile, there are just days left to stop EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt from repealing the Clean Water Rule and regulations on fracking, and the House is soon to vote on a bill that would weaken civil rights for people with disabilities. Those of you who attended our September meeting will remember a rousing debate on HR 620, where we discussed balancing the needs of small business owners with the rights of people with disabilities, and the hope that this bill would prevent frivolous lawsuits against business owners. Having analyzed the bill and the evidence on both sides, I feel that HR 620 places significant burdens on people with disabilities to instigate the enforcement of the ADA and protect their own civil rights, whereas it should be the responsibility of all public businesses to be in compliance with the ADA and accessible to all. I am certainly compassionate when a business is targeted for a lawsuit that is truly frivolous, or when they have already complied with the ADA, but the bill does nothing to prevent this. And vulnerable populations must be able to sue for their rights if necessary.


Can’t make it to our Member of Congress office visits? Send us your top issues to take to the senators.


Mark your calendar for our next all-hands meeting:

Stand Up SF October Meeting
Sunday, October 15th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • DEADLINE MONDAY: Save the ACA, save lives #1: Submit testimony for Monday’s hearing on the Graham-Cassidy bill by emailing Send letters, testimony, video links, photos, stories, etc. about how TrumpCare would devastate you or someone you care about. Please send a copy of your comments to our Senators as well (see the links in the sidebar). Comments to be submitted by 10:00 a.m. on Monday 9/25/2017.
  • Save the ACA, save lives #2: Use IndivisibleGuide’s calling tool to make a difference in red states. Call every day!
  • DEADLINE MONDAY: Protect our water #1: The Bureau of Land Management is taking public comments on the rollback of fracking protections. Find talking points here. Submit your comment here.
  • Protect our water #2: The EPA is taking public comments on its plan to repeal the Clean Water Rule, which protects our drinking water. Get talking points here. Submit a comment here.
  • Support civil rights for Americans with disabilities: Call Congresswoman Pelosi and ask her to vote NO on HR 620. You can say, “Hi, I’m [NAME] and I’m calling because I’m concerned about the civil rights of Americans with disabilities. H.R. 620 removes incentives for businesses to comply with the ADA, and places excessive burdens on individuals with disabilities. Please vote NO on H.R. 620.”

Actions with other groups:

  • TOMORROW: Join Indivisible Sonoma County downtown for a #KillTheBill sit-in to protest TrumpCare. Get details and sign up.