The GOP wants to take food from moms and kids. You can stop them.

This week, the Republican-controlled House is going to try to make massive cuts to SNAP (food stamps), a program that helps more than 2 million people who are struggling to make ends meet.

The Farm Bill, an omnibus spending measure that has historically passed with bipartisan support, is just the latest in a series of Republican attempts to punish the poor, women, children, and people with disabilities.

This bill is also stuffed with provisions that undermine crucial environmental protections, prioritizing the logging industry over our forests.

Congresswoman Pelosi is trying to rally Democrats to oppose this bill. She needs all of our support. This Mother’s Day, protect moms and Mother Earth.


Call Congresswoman Pelosi and make sure she knows you oppose the Farm Bill. Use this script, and add your thanks for her statement in opposition to the bill.


Read our report from our 5/10 action with Congresswoman Pelosi’s staff. Find other action reports, talking points, and more in our Public Library.

Members of Stand Up San Francisco with Dan Bernal and Alex Lazar, from Congresswoman Pelosi's office
Members of Stand Up San Francisco with Dan Bernal and Alex Lazar, from Congresswoman Pelosi’s office


Brown Bag Lunch with Feinstein Staff
Friday, May 18
12pm – 1pm
301 Mission Street, lobby area – note new address!

Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team in Tracy
Don’t miss your last chance before the primaries to get out the vote and flip a house seat!
Saturday, May 19
11am – 4pm
902 N. Central Ave. Suite 201
Tracy CA
REGISTER NOW and we’ll follow up with details.

Stand Up SF General Meeting with special guest: Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Sunday, May 20
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey St.

You are the light

Thanks to all of you who came out for the holiday party. It was great to see everyone, to connect, to have friends around to help absorb the impact of Tuesday’s tax bill loss. I’m going to paraphrase a little of what I said that night, about how important Stand Up San Francisco is to me.

A group of candles burning in darkness

This is a time of year when people of faith come together on long nights to celebrate light. Candles or fairy lights ablaze, they gather around a source of warmth and brightness to keep away the cold and the dark.

I am not a person of faith; I am a person of seasonal affective disorder. So my need for brightness at this time of year feels very intense and very personal. And for me, as I’m sure for you, 2017 has been the darkest year I can remember. I have reached out for family, friends, and community to keep me sane, and THIS community, each and every one of you and the work that you do, have been my light in the darkness.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to preserving what’s good in our country. I hope you’ll join me in 2018, finding new ways to shine.

Families with children need your help this week. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is an insurance program that covers 9 million children and pregnant women whose household incomes are too high to qualify for Medicaid. While Republicans in Congress claim to support CHIP, they have failed to pass a clean funding reauthorization bill for this critical program.

A bipartisan group of governors from 12 states have already signed onto a letter urging Congress to prioritize renewal of CHIP funding, but Governor Brown isn’t one of them. We need to urge Governor Brown to co-sign the letter.


Call Governor Brown and tell him to sign the letter, pressuring Congress to fund CHIP. (script and call tool)

If you celebrate, happy holidays to you. If not, I hope you’re having a restful weekend.


If you do one thing this week…

The GOP Tax Scam passed. But take heart. You, the people, have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s the Republicans who should be ashamed of what they’ve done.

And at some level, they are. Ashamed of all their actions, and afraid of having to face the consequences. That’s why the rumors that Trump will fire Mueller are so alarming.

Make a plan for what you’ll do if this happens. Pack a go bag. Hit the streets. Sign up here to find your nearest rapid response rally.

Only you can save the Republic. Thanks, as always, for everything you do.

Take action for American workers and DREAMers

I hope you’re all managing to stay cool and hydrated through this record heatwave. While we swelter, the people of Houston are struggling to recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. And yet most mainstream media failed to connect the hurricane to climate change. And though Trump was all smiles to Harvey survivors in his Houston visit yesterday, he’s trying to connect aid to those survivors to debt ceiling legislation, holding survivors hostage to a lengthy, bitter fight in Congress.

Meanwhile, over 124,000 Texans stand to be deported if Trump rescinds DACA, of the over 700,000 who could face deportation. But there’s good news on that front: activist pressure has caused Trump to waver on his decision. It’s critically important that we keep the pressure on over the weekend. Trump is likely to announce his plan on Tuesday.


Tomorrow is Labor Day, and I want to talk a little bit about what that means. Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contribution of our workers to the well-being of our country. You might not know it, but you have the labor movement and union organizers to thank for your weekends, overtime pay, minimum wage, and safe conditions in the workplace, among many other critical protections most Americans take for granted. Over the past several decades, economic security has been eroded as middle- and lower-income worker wages have stagnated while wages among the top 5% have skyrocketed. Economic justice is one of Stand Up San Francisco’s core principles, and as such, we must fight against the Trump administration’s continued evisceration of key protections for workers, such as his intent to take away overtime pay and his failure to support raising the minimum wage.

On Labor Day and throughout this week, take action for American workers. You’ll see several options below.


Help kick our recruitment efforts into overdrive

To increase our impact and our sustainability, Paul, Phyllis, and I are determined to grow Stand Up SF and bring new people into volunteer and leadership roles. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Join us at the Noe Valley Farmers Market next Saturday, September 9th, where we will be promoting our group and asking folks to sign up. Contact Paul for details.
  2. Share our blog with your friends! Did you know we have a blog? Back-issues of our email newsletters can now be found on the Stand Up San Francisco website. Our emails are one of the best ways to learn about what we do, and now it’s easy to share them with your family, friends, and colleagues.
  3. Bring a friend to our next meeting! We’ll be reporting on recent interactions with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Kamala Harris, and our guest speaker is Rafael Mandelman, President of San Francisco City College’s Board.

Stand Up SF September Meeting
Sunday, September 17th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Protect overtime pay: The Trump administration is threatening to strip overtime protections from millions of workers by revoking Obama’s 2016 expansion. Submit a written comment to the Department of Labor to defend current federal overtime protections. Use CREDO’s form for background and to submit your comment.
  • Raise the minimum wage: Call Senators Feinstein and Harris and thank them for sponsoring S. 1242, The Raise the Wage Act, to raise our national minimum wage to the barely-livable $15/hr. You can also ask what else the senators are doing to make sure this bill passes.

Actions with other groups

  • TOMORROW: Support Bay Area workers at the Oakland Labor Day March, sponsored by NorCal Fight for 15. Get details.
  • Be ready to rally for DACA: Sign up for Bay Resistance text alerts by texting “RESIST” to 41411. You’ll be notified of urgent actions to protect DACA or protest its repeal.
  • Tell the media to connect the dots: write a letter to the editor to a national newspaper telling them to mention climate change when referring to Hurricane Harvey. has talking points and tools.

Learning opportunity: Check out videos and articles on the history of the American Labor movement and learn

This is America

On November 9 of last year, many Americans woke up to an America they did not recognize, did not know. Yesterday’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a grim reminder of the America that people of color in this country have always known, an America that has persisted despite hard-won civil rights gains, an America that is founded on white supremacy. The electoral college that propelled Trump to victory was created to bolster the federal power of agrarian, slaveholding states, and now we all have to live with the implications of that legacy. If we are horrified by the violence we saw yesterday, we must face it. If we want to create a country that is better than this, we must not turn away from the country we have. This is a moment to hold ourselves accountable. For those of us who are considered white, this is our mess to clean up. We can do better. We must do better.

Some of you have been fighting for racial justice a lot longer than I have, and to you, this is not news. Others might benefit from learning more about how systemic racism is built into the structure of our society, by design, and what we might to do dismantle structural racism and rebuild America. You should know that as a leader of our group, and as a person who benefits from white privilege, these lessons inform every action I take and every action I ask you to take. And although what we do in this group matters, the struggle for justice can’t be won through political and legislative action alone. As we were reminded yesterday, this is a culture war, and it will be fought in the streets and in living rooms as well as in congress and in the voting booth.

If you’re wrestling with strong feelings today, and you want to stand with vulnerable communities in Charlottesville and here in San Francisco, you can join a candlelight vigil tonight at 24th and Mission or City Hall.

At our next meeting, you’ll hear comments from Indivisible Charleston about how they are dealing with the repercussions of Charlottesville in their region. You’ll also get reports from our recent actions, including an informal conversation with Congresswoman Pelosi’s staff.

Meanwhile, it may be recess, but there’s plenty to do.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Black women make 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes. Call Senator Harris and thank her for crafting the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would end the pay gap for Black women. You can say “I’d like to thank Senator Harris for her work to create the Paycheck Fairness Act. As a constituent, I want her to know that I appreciate her standing up for Black women’s rights and for economic and racial justice.”
  • It’s already mid-August, and none of our MoCs have held a town hall yet. Call both senators and ask for a town hall in San Francisco. You can say “Hi. My name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Stand Up San Francisco. We’re more than a week into the senator’s state work period and I’m concerned that I haven’t heard anything yet about her plan for a town hall. Please schedule a weekend town hall soon. I want to make plans to attend.”
  • Deadline 8/15: Say no to Exec Order 13795, “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy,” which would potentially open up 4 national marine sanctuaries in California to oil and gas exploration. Make a comment to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and tell them to protect our coastal ecosystems, local wildlife, and California’s economy (instructions and points to include).

Actions with other groups