TrumpCare hearing TOMORROW. Take action now!

Senators McCain and Collins have withdrawn their support from the Graham-Cassidy TrumpDoesn’tCare bill, which is estimated to rob coverage from over 20 million people. But the bill’s defeat is far from certain. We need to do everything we can to take it down, for Californians and for Americans everywhere.

The Senate Finance Committee will be holding a hearing on Graham-Cassidy tomorrow at 2pm ET. IndivisibleGuide is asking members to fill the hearing record with strong statements of opposition and stories of the devastating impact this would have on people, including people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions. See below for your action.


Meanwhile, there are just days left to stop EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt from repealing the Clean Water Rule and regulations on fracking, and the House is soon to vote on a bill that would weaken civil rights for people with disabilities. Those of you who attended our September meeting will remember a rousing debate on HR 620, where we discussed balancing the needs of small business owners with the rights of people with disabilities, and the hope that this bill would prevent frivolous lawsuits against business owners. Having analyzed the bill and the evidence on both sides, I feel that HR 620 places significant burdens on people with disabilities to instigate the enforcement of the ADA and protect their own civil rights, whereas it should be the responsibility of all public businesses to be in compliance with the ADA and accessible to all. I am certainly compassionate when a business is targeted for a lawsuit that is truly frivolous, or when they have already complied with the ADA, but the bill does nothing to prevent this. And vulnerable populations must be able to sue for their rights if necessary.


Can’t make it to our Member of Congress office visits? Send us your top issues to take to the senators.


Mark your calendar for our next all-hands meeting:

Stand Up SF October Meeting
Sunday, October 15th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • DEADLINE MONDAY: Save the ACA, save lives #1: Submit testimony for Monday’s hearing on the Graham-Cassidy bill by emailing Send letters, testimony, video links, photos, stories, etc. about how TrumpCare would devastate you or someone you care about. Please send a copy of your comments to our Senators as well (see the links in the sidebar). Comments to be submitted by 10:00 a.m. on Monday 9/25/2017.
  • Save the ACA, save lives #2: Use IndivisibleGuide’s calling tool to make a difference in red states. Call every day!
  • DEADLINE MONDAY: Protect our water #1: The Bureau of Land Management is taking public comments on the rollback of fracking protections. Find talking points here. Submit your comment here.
  • Protect our water #2: The EPA is taking public comments on its plan to repeal the Clean Water Rule, which protects our drinking water. Get talking points here. Submit a comment here.
  • Support civil rights for Americans with disabilities: Call Congresswoman Pelosi and ask her to vote NO on HR 620. You can say, “Hi, I’m [NAME] and I’m calling because I’m concerned about the civil rights of Americans with disabilities. H.R. 620 removes incentives for businesses to comply with the ADA, and places excessive burdens on individuals with disabilities. Please vote NO on H.R. 620.”

Actions with other groups:

  • TOMORROW: Join Indivisible Sonoma County downtown for a #KillTheBill sit-in to protest TrumpCare. Get details and sign up.

Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

The new Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill in the Senate is in many ways worse than bills that came before. For one thing, it would punish states like California and New York that have done the most to increase access to health care.

Patient and provider groups have lined up to condemn the bill. On Monday 16 groups condemned it. Tuesday the American Medical Association piled on. Physician groups, hospital and health insurance associations and AARP have all denounced it.

Jimmy Kimmel shared his thoughts on the bill in this video, which so far has had 1.2M views.

Yet Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy are telling people they have the votes. As of this writing, only one GOP Senator, Rand Paul, has said he will definitively vote against it. Republicans in Congress know it is likely their last chance to repeal the ACA, and that (rather than how the bill helps or hurts people) is what is motivating many of them. Unfortunately for Americans, this is not a drill. The threat is very real.

As the NYTimes put it, it is hard to overstate the cruelty of the bill:

  • If you’re nearing retirement, you will likely see your premiums shoot up as insurers can now charge an older person 5X what they charge a young person. Some would see their premiums TRIPLE.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition, you’re out of luck. While insurers have to offer you a plan, they can charge whatever they want to treat your pre-existing condition.
  • If you get sick with an expensive condition, too bad. Caps are back. Hit your lifetime cap and your insurance ends forever.
  • If you rely on a tax credit to afford health insurance, tough break for you. Those are gone.
  • If you or someone you love relies on Medicaid, tough luck. The bill guts Medicaid by cutting hundreds of billions of dollars, and then caps it. 60% of long-stay nursing home residents are on Medicaid. 39% of US children are on Medicaid. The most vulnerable among us will be hurt.
  • You may be one of millions who can no longer afford health insurance (we’ll find out how many tens of millions when the full CBO score is released).

The CBO has said it will provide a preliminary analysis by early next week. We are hoping that bringing the bill into the sunlight with real data that shows how it hurts people in their states might shame some GOP Senators
into voting against it. In the meantime, we continue to try to try to pressure GOP Senators into doing the right thing for their constituents, and for all Americans.

Stand Up SF actions:

  • The future of the ACA likely hinges on the votes of a few Republican Senators. Indivisible has given us a call tool so we can make calls from home to progressive voters in these districts. We need to urge these folks to call
    their Senator right away. It only takes a minute to sign up for the call tool, then you can make calls for 10 minutes or 10 hours.
  • Make sure your friends, family and colleagues know how the bill will affect them. If they live in a red state, ask them to call their representatives.
  • Educate any contacts you have in other states, not only on the bill but on the need to call their Senators. (Remember that polls showed a high % of the people with negative views of Obamacare had positive views of the
    Affordable Care Act. After eight years of misinformation campaigns, people are confused.)
  • Consider a quick donation to an organization that is running ads against the Senate bill in red states, such as MoveOn, so they can run as many as possible this weekend.

Actions with other groups:

All hands on deck. TrumpCare is back.

Over the summer you stood up and prevented the Republicans in the Senate from dismantling the Affordable Care Act. The efforts of the resistance stopped the GOP multiple times in one crucial week from passing legislation that would have deprived millions of Americans of health care. Your voice helped stop it.

TrumpCare is back. The need is urgent.

The Graham-Cassidy bill has until September 30 to pass in the Senate, and the GOP is trying to ram it through under this deadline. This bill, like its predecessors, would destroy Medicaid as we know it. In this case, it would:

    • eliminate the ACA’s marketplace subsidies and replace them with an inadequate block grant given to states.
    • eliminate even this block grant funding after 2026.


  • favor red states that did not expand access and coverage for their residents by punishing states that did.

The result? Massive disruption of the health care marketplace, and the health of tens of millions in jeopardy.

And just as before, Senate Republicans are trying to pass this bill in days, without hearings and without the regular committee process, hoping that we won’t notice.

We noticed. 

Make sure your Senators know you are paying attention and that TrumpCare 3.0 is not acceptable. Tell them that you want them to commit to following “regular order” and working through the committee process — and that TrumpCare must be ended permanently in the Senate.

This is not a drill. We’ve stopped TrumpCare before. We need to do it again, and now.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • Call Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris (phone numbers to the right) and demand that they use all legislative tools, including filibusters and withholding of consent, to stop this bill and save countless American lives.
  • Use this call script when talking to your senators’ offices.
  • Contact your friends and family in red states, and urge them to call their senators to oppose Graham-Cassidy.

Actions with other groups:

Thank you for all that you do,

Zombie TrumpCare rises again

It’s hard to believe, but Senate Republicans are trying to bring TrumpCare back from the dead again. Not much is known about the new bill (surprise, surprise) but we know it would once again destroy Medicaid. The GOP has only until September 30 to pass this toxic bill, and we know it’s going to be a tough fight, particularly as Senator John McCain has said he would support it. Get your dialing finger ready.

Trump is trying to torpedo the Affordable Care Act whether TrumpCare passes or not. His latest maneuver is to withdraw funding for the outreach necessary to promote the ACA and help Americans sign up — which especially affects the most vulnerable populations such as non-English speakers and those who don’t have Internet access. This is just the most recent attack on critical programs for Americans, and is sadly consistent with Trump’s budget priorities, which include cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, education, and Pell grants.

DACA recipients are still reeling from last week’s horrible announcement, and now the House is expected to vote this Tuesday on a bill that criminalizes immigrants, including those fleeing gang violence, and allows more of them to be detained and deported. It also affects vulnerable populations such as asylum seekers, TPS holders, and unaccompanied children. This is the kind of legislation that makes it easier than ever for ICE to terrorize immigrants and encourages others to turn away rather than offering support and demanding justice.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma is pounding Florida and Betsy DeVos is trying to remove sexual assault protections on college campuses.

There are a lot of places to direct your passion right now. Stay focused on the issues that matter most to you, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Hopping mad about any of the above? Join us at Congresswoman Pelosi’s office this week to find out what she’s doing to make sure TrumpCare stays dead, and to protect Americans from Trump’s deadly budget cuts. If you can’t make it, submit your ideas for talking points to


Bring a friend to our next meeting! Come to hear guest speaker Rafael Mandelman, President of San Francisco City College’s Board, talk about the resistance movement and how it’s shaping our communities in the Bay Area.

Stand Up SF September Meeting
Sunday, September 17th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Kill TrumpCare and defend the ACA: Tell all three MoCs that you appreciate their efforts to defend the ACA and protect Americans’ health care. You can say “I want the [Congresswoman/Senator] to know that I appreciate her ongoing work to defend the ACA. I am counting on her to work against Graham-Cassidy, the latest version of TrumpCare, and want to know what she’s doing to offset Trump’s sabotage of the ACA, such as cutting funding for outreach.”
  • Defend DACA recipients: Tell all three MoCs that you want the Dream Act attached to every must-pass bill in Congress. (background and scripts)
  • Don’t let Congress criminalize immigrants: Call Congresswoman Pelosi and tell her to vote no on H.R. 3697, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act. You can say “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in San Francisco. I am concerned that H.R. 3697 will make vulnerable immigrants who are trying to escape gang violence into ICE targets. Let’s not punish asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, and others who are especially vulnerable. Please vote no on H.R. 3697.”
  • Protect Americans from dangerous budget cuts: Call both Senators and tell them to oppose any budget any resolution that makes cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, or SNAP, and doesn’t offset tax cuts with new revenue or closing loopholes. (explainer and script)

Actions with other groups

  • Tue 9/12: Protect San Franciscans from police violence. At this meeting, the San Francisco Police Comission will consider a proposal by Chief Scott to arm SFPD with Tasers. Come out and voice your concerns.
  • Wed 9/13: Join Swing Left’s monthly meeting to prepare to canvass and register voters in the red district of San Joaquin County. RSVP.
  • Protect voting rights: Join the ACLU’s national voting rights campaign. Sign up to send text messages and help recruit for this vital effort.

Thanks for all you do.


We are the Americans who saved health insurance

I hope you saw the NYT article, The Americans Who Saved Health Insurance. It gives credit to the citizens (us!), the organizers (IndivisibleGuide! Stand Up SF!), and the experts who fought for our healthcare.

If you’re like me, you’ve needed a breather since the TrumpCare battle. We all need to re-charge. And re-charge we did at Caryn’s party last Saturday! Many thanks to Caryn for opening her home and making us a beautiful spread of home-made salsas and a gorgeous assortment of enchiladas and other yummy treats. It was so good to have a chance to connect with everyone. I hope you all left feeling invigorated like I did.

Yesterday we had a promising development on healthcare, with the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions announcing they will introduce a bill to stabilize and strengthen the individual health insurance market. As the NYTimes puts it, “it’s good to see politicians actually doing their jobs.”

And speaking of politicians who do their jobs, wasn’t it heartwarming to see the reception that GOP Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski received when they returned home after standing strong against all the various bills to take away our healthcare? Sen. Collins said of her enthusiastic reception at the airport, “I’ve never had that happen in the 20 years that I’ve been privileged to serve in the Senate. It was very encouraging and affirming, especially arriving back home after a very difficult time.”

In other promising news:

Mark your calendars for our August all-hands meeting!

Sunday Aug 20th, 2-4pm
Noe Valley Library, San Francisco

Stand Up SF actions:

  • Thank Senators Harris and Feinstein for standing up for the ACA. You can say something like “Thank you for fighting for healthcare for all Americans! You’ve saved health care for tens of millions of us. Now please do everything you can to ensure Trump does not destabilize the insurance markets.”
  • Call both Senators and tell them to oppose H.R. 806, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017. It weakens the Clean Air Act without a single improvement, and delays life-saving health standards already years
  • The Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017 (S.1460), would greatly expand fracking and natural gas infrastructure. It expedites review of fracked gas export terminals, instructs the BLM to create a pilot program for expediting drilling and fracking permits, authorizes $3 billion in “clean coal” subsidies, and more. Call Senators and tell them we don’t need more fracking and drilling, and to reject Senate bill 1460.