Trump’s order solves nothing. We march

Don’t be fooled by the president’s bullying tactics. Today’s executive order does nothing to address his administration’s inhumanity. Trump abused immigrants from the very beginning. He attacked our DREAMers and our Muslim neighbors.

Then, in April, Jeff Sessions announced a “zero-tolerance” policy. He now prosecutes everyone crossing our Southern border undocumented. It is not illegal to seek asylum. Yet thousands of children have been ripped away from their parents and imprisoned.

Trump claims his executive order will end family separations. But it will not reunite the lost children with their families. Nor does it address the racist, cruel policies that brought us here. Families will be detained indefinitely.

It has come to this: little children in prison camps. We must act.


It’s time to take to the streets. Two actions are planned for San Francisco:

  • On Saturday, June 23, join the #familiesbelongtogether rally at 10am at Justin Herman Plaza/Embarcardero SF.
  • On Saturday, June 30, meet IndivisibleSF,, the Women’s March and many others in Mission Dolores Park at 10am to march to Civic Center at 11.

Keep calling your MOCs. Tell them to vote No on bad immigration bills. Sean Elsbernd of Dianne Feinstein’s office reminds us that the Senator uses our voices to make her case in Washington. If you can’t call, try Resistbot.


Read the full report from that 6/19 action with Sean Elsbernd. Find other action reports, talking points, and more in our Public Library.


We need more votes in Congress. We will be phone banking to get out the vote in November. Kathleen Murray has graciously agreed to lead our efforts. If you’re willing to open your house to SUSF members for two hours of phone banking, please let Kathleen know.


Fireside Chat with Pelosi Staff
Wednesday, June 27
Noe Valley Library Branch

Senator Harris Office Visit
Wednesday, July 11
333 Bush Street, Suite 3325

Stand Up SF General Meeting
Sunday, July 15
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey St.

Thanks for all you do,


Insist that Congress keep its promises

“…walking away from the JCPOA risks losing a deal that accomplishes – with Iran – the very outcome that we are pursuing with the North Koreans.”

President Obama was among the first to denounce the administration’s latest reckless act. He won’t be the last. Today, France, Germany and the UK said they regret the president’s decision. They will carry on without the USA.

Iran did not violate the agreement. The USA did. Withdrawing from the JCPOA isolates us from our allies. It further destabilizes the volatile Middle East. It weakens our international diplomacy, maybe fatally. If we cannot uphold our own commitments, why would any country come to the negotiating table?


The JCPOA is not the only promise we ought to keep. Volunteer rescuers the White Helmets have saved thousands of lives in Syria. The USA provides a third of their funding. That funding has been frozen while the State Department conducts an “active review”.

Call all three MOCs and ask them to restore funding to the White Helmets. Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot. And if you have a few dollars to spare, you can donate directly.


Brown Bag with Feinstein Staff
Friday, May 18, 12-1pm
Note new location: 301 Mission Street (lobby area)

Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team in Tracy
Join Stand Up SF, Swing Left, and Tracy Democrats to get out the vote and flip a house seat!
Saturday, May 19, 11am – 4pm
902 N. Central Ave, Suite 201, Tracy CA
Under-enrolled – please attend if you can

If you can’t make it as far as Tracy, Democracy Action is hosting a phone bank in Civic Center, SF.
Sign up here

Stand Up SF General Meeting with special guest:
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Sunday, May 20, 2-4pm
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

Thanks, always, for all that you do,


Tell Congress: keep refugees safe

Hundreds of thousands of El Salvadoran refugees face deportation, and the situation is urgent. By Monday, the Department of Homeland Security must decide whether to extend or end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador. The Trump administration, predictably, wants to send them all back to an unstable country and often dangerous situations.

TPS was created by Congress in 1990 and allows people whose countries have experienced natural disasters, armed conflicts or exceptional situations to remain temporarily in the United States. Conditions on the ground for these folks can be bleak, and ending TPS has the potential to split up families.

This administration has already ended TPS protections for Haitian and Nicaraguan refugees. But the House has introduced the ASPIRE Act and the ESPERER Act to allow every TPS recipient to apply for permanent residency. We need to ask our leaders to sign onto these bills, to defend El Salvadorans and to shore up TPS to protect thousands more.


Call Congresswoman Pelosi and say, “I’m [NAME] calling from [ZIP CODE], and I’d like to ask the Congresswoman to fight for legislation such as the ASPIRE Act and the ESPERER Act that that extends protection for people from all ten countries under TPS, and that provides permanent relief for these refugees. TPS affects hundreds of thousands of people, whose lives will be ripped apart without our protection.”

Not comfortable making phone calls? Try Resistbot, and send an email to Congresswoman Pelosi in under 2 minutes!


Stand Up SF General Meeting
Sunday, January 21
2pm – 4pm
Noe Valley Public Library
451 Jersey Street

Democrats are winning

I wanted to be sure you saw this interview with our Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, about the new Washington.

“We didn’t win the elections, but we’ve won every fight,” she said about the legislative agenda. “We’ve won every fight on the omnibus spending bill — you know the appropriations bills and the rest. You look at everything, they have no victories!”

Make no mistake, you are part of that. We are part of that.


Here’s a fight it should be easy to win: getting aid to Puerto Rico. The island is an unincorporated U.S. territory — an area controlled by the United States government which is not part of the United States. In other words, it’s a colony. Puerto Ricans are by law natural-born citizens of the United States, and yet in his vile tweets this week, Trump is trying to paint them as yet another group of brown people who don’t deserve help, and even blaming them for the destruction they’ve experienced in this season’s dreadful hurricanes.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is comparing the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico to what they saw in Iraq after the US invasion. Millions are without food, water, and power while troops wait fruitlessly for orders to provide relief. Private aid organizations are trying to fill the gaps, but what’s really needed is a massive response from the government. And instead of sending help, and worse than being silent, the head of our government is firing off insults.

Meanwhile, the House will vote on its budget resolution this Thursday, and the Senate will mark up its resolution Wednesday and Thursday. These budgets cut critical services and would force deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security down the road. All to give massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations, and will destabilize our economy even further.


Outraged? Bring your concerns to your MoCs at our upcoming actions. Can’t make it? Send us your top issues to take to the senators.


And join our next all-hands meeting to meet a guest speaker from Swing Left and learn what you can do to help elect Democrats in 2018. We’ll also be kicking off a broader discussion about Stand Up SF’s focus over the next year, so don’t miss out. We want to hear from you!

Stand Up SF October Meeting
Sunday, October 15th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • Help Puerto Rico: Call all three MoCs and ask them to provide an emergency relief package for the victims of Hurricane Maria and to permanently rescind the Jones Act, an antiquated law that has made it difficult for supplies to reach the Island of Puerto Rico. You can say “Hi, my name is [name]. I’m calling from [city/zip code]. I am calling because I am very concerned about Puerto Ricans who are still without food and water. I am asking [MoC/Senator] to immediately pass an aid package to provide disaster relief to communities affected by Hurricane Maria, before the October recess. This package should provide adequate funding to respond to immediate needs, like food and water, as well as longer term needs like the years of rebuilding that will be required. She should push for a full disaster declaration for Puerto Rico and request that matching funds requirements for relief be waived. [MoC/Senator] should also add additional supplemental relief funds to the FAA authorization bill. Finally, please introduce legislation to permanently rescind the Jones Act so that aid can always reach our Island territories in times of crisis.”
  • Stop tax cuts for the rich: Call all three MoCs and demand that they oppose Trump’s tax scam. (script).
  • Deadline Monday for Net Neutrality: Ask both Senators to vote to fire FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who wants to kill Net Neutrality. You can say Hi, my name is [name]. I am calling from [zip code]. I am calling on [Senator] to vote against Chairman Pai’s nomination on Monday. He should not serve another five-year term on the FCC. The FCC plays a critical role in overseeing our communication infrastructure, and Chairman Pai’s actions are inconsistent with that mission. He has tried to roll back Net Neutrality, impacting the ability of average Americans to have equal and fair access to the internet. I am calling on [Senator] to vote NO on Chairman Pai. I will be monitoring the Senator’s vote on Monday.

Actions with other groups:

  • TODAY: Support voting rights with ACLU’s People Power. Attend a Let People Vote launch event in your neighborhood. RSVP now.
  • Tue 10/3: Curious about how we’ll pay for Medicare for All? Join People Demanding Action for a webcast featuring business leaders and health care experts to learn about the business case for Medicare for All. Sign up.