Mueller has told us what to do

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller announced his resignation in his first public statement in two years. His account was notably at odds with that of Attorney General William Barr. Mueller was at pains to point out that his report did not exonerate Trump: If we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Mueller’s hands were tied. He believed he had no power to indict a sitting president. He believed that the Constitution grants that power only to Congress.

It is time for Congress to act. At the California Democratic Convention this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was greeted with cries of “Impeach!” Add your voice to the choir.


Call Pelosi on (202) 225-4965 or (415) 556-4862 and ask her to vote yes on Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Impeachment Resolution (H.Res.257)If calling is not your speed, Resistbot is your friend.

For extra credit, here are more resources for practical steps you can take to resist Trump today:

We have a handful left of our sturdy tote bags, manufactured ethically in the USA, bearing the Stand Up San Francisco logo. Tote bags are available at general meetings; pay what you can. Huge thanks to member Laura for design and coordination!


Phone/Text Bank & Postcard Writing for AZ Voter Registration
Private residence, West Portal
Saturday, June 8
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Tracy Dems Canvass
Greater Tracy Democratic Club
Saturday, June 15
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Stand Up SF General Meeting
Noe Valley Library
Sunday, June 16
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Senator Harris Office Action
333 Bush Street, Suite 3325
Wednesday, June 19
2:30 PM – 3:30PM

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You are making a real difference

I’ve been so gratified to hear from so many of you about my report out from our last meeting. While some of our members are skeptical of pursuing impeachment as a political strategy and others are strongly in favor of it, we’re all united in our desire to see the un-redacted Mueller Report and congressional investigations.

Our new policy team met over the weekend to discuss how to incorporate group member feedback into our Talking Points for Member of Congress meetings. As one outcome of this conversation, we’re planning to write position papers for our members to read and discuss. Look for position papers on the Green New Deal and the outcome of the Mueller investigation in the weeks to come.

On the latter front, today was a day of fireworks. This morning, the president threatened to invoke executive privilege if the House Judiciary Committee held Attorney General William Barr in contempt. This afternoon, the committee voted to hold Barr in contemptThis is why we worked so hard to swing the midterms.

What happens now? That’s hard to say, but one thing I know is true. We wouldn’t even have got this far without organizing. Our work makes real a difference.


Call all three of our MoCs and say:

I’m calling today because I’m concerned about potential suppression of the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

I’m glad to hear the House Judiciary Committee has held William Barr in contempt, however I also expect Congress to hold public hearings with Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and other senior leadership members from the DOJ and FBI.

If calling is not your speed, Resistbot is your friend.

Demand Congressional investigations now

The Trump administration is one arm of a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government. For too long its abuses have run unchecked.

Trump himself invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email. Once in office, he asked then FBI director James Comey to abandon the investigation into his campaign’s dealings with Russia. The president violates the emoluments clause every time he profits from his family business while in office. Former AG Jeff Sessions and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner lied on their applications for security clearances. Those are just the first five crimes that came to mind.

The list of impeachable offenses neither begins nor ends with AG Barr’s attempts to suppress the Mueller report. This crime spree has to be stopped. We are the only ones who can stop it.


Call all three of our Members of Congress and demand:

  1. That the full Mueller report be made public; and
  2. That Congressional investigations expose the depth and breadth of known GOP corruption.

Who gave Kushner clearance?

Last week it emerged that the president ordered the White House Chief of Staff to approve top-secret clearance for Jared Kushner, despite serious concerns from the CIA and the FBI. This was after Kushner lied about his meetings with a Russian lawyer, the Russian ambassador and the head of a Russian bank in his original application for security clearance.

As a result of this interference, Kushner has privileged access to sensitive information about the USA’s interests. Do you trust him to handle these secrets responsibly, in his closed-door meetings with Saudi Arabia? I certainly do not.

Who does the president think he is, to override the best advice of the intelligence community in so serious a matter of national security?


Call Nancy Pelosi and ask her to employ all the powers of Congressional oversight to uncover the truth about Jared Kushner. Shy on the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

We have a brand new shipment of sturdy tote bags, manufactured ethically in the USA, bearing the Stand Up San Francisco logo. Tote bags will be available at general meetings; pay what you can. Huge thanks to member Laura for design and coordination!

We know we’re behind on Slack invitations. If you’re still waiting, please let me know at My apologies for the delay.


Senator Feinstein Office Action
Friday, March 15
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Stand Up SF General Meeting
Sunday, March 17
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

Senator Harris Office Visit
Wednesday, March 20
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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New leadership

THANK YOU for all your work over the past two years to hold our leaders accountable and to build a blue wave. Because of you, we have a Democratic majority in the House. Here in California, Josh Harder has pulled ahead of Republican Jeff Denham in District 10, where we fought so hard.

And our victory totally changed the game: Democrats have agenda-setting power. They can pass legislation. They can use investigatory and subpoena power. They can act as a check on this administration. This is hugely powerful.

So we need a new game plan! Indivisible is coming out with a new playbook, Indivisible on Offense, that we’ll share with you soon. And Stand Up San Francisco is changing, too: Paul and I are rotating out of leadership at the end of the year, and Rachel will be joined by Shannon C., whom many of you know from her stalwart participation in MoC visits. Here are a few words from Shannon:

SUSF has always been a safe space of sorts for me. I have always appreciated the combination of a drama-free environment and the fellowship of our passionate, well-informed, thoughtful members. To top it all off, it’s also the best option I have found to effectively communicate with my MOC’s on a regular basis! Paul and Laura have done an invaluable service in creating the strong foundation for this group, and we all truly owe them a huge debt of gratitude. (Thank you so much, Paul and Laura!)

I am really honored to be tasked with the responsibility of helping to lead this great group. This moment in time is very exciting. We have turned a corner, and the hard work we have put in will start paying dividends. With a civil but direct approach, we have cultivated healthy relationships in our monthly MoC staff meetings. Now we are in a unique position to help stop this destructive administration in its tracks, and put forward firm asks of our MoC’s that represent our progressive values and concerns. I’m looking forward to playing whatever part I can in “making sure the trains run on time,” and also pushing ourselves (and our MOC’s) to be as effective as we can be! Let’s do this!


Write to Congresswoman Pelosi and tell her that if she becomes Speaker of the House, she must protect the Mueller investigation, and lead a House investigation against Trump’s obstruction of justice. If you voted for her, definitely mention that.


At our October meeting, Aina S. reflected that Stand Up SF leadership has not been transparent with our members about the inner workings of our group. Paul, Rachel, Shannon, and I have taken this very much to heart, and we have started to spread a little sunshine around. On our website, you will now see a list of our volunteer roles to date, and who holds those roles. We’ve also shared the resources available in our Info Center, so that you can review action reports, talking points, and more. Let us know if there’s more we can share!


Stand Up SF November Meeting
Discuss election outcomes and our next steps.
Sunday, November 18
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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1270 Sanchez Street

Holiday Party
Saturday, December 1
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