What victory means

Yesterday, a blue wave swept across the country, paying off a year’s worth of resistance in one unprecedented night.

Democrats won 14 of 15 races, held the Delaware Senate, flipped the Washington Senate, and may also have flipped the Virginia House of Delegates. In nearly every race, Republican men were beaten by women: women of color, queer women, and transwomen. Which is your favorite win: the new Virginia delegate, a transgender woman who unseated the man who wrote the state’s “bathroom bill,” or the new Sikh mayor of Hoboken who overcame a racist marketing campaign?

We’ve been focusing our efforts at the federal level, but winning these state races is crucial to protect voting rights. With Democrats committed to enfranchisement at the helm, we can look forward to fixing gerrymandering and re-enfranchising voters of color in at least three key states.

Above all, these wins show the power of the resistance, the work we’ve all done and will keep doing, until November 2018 looks just like last night.

If you donated your time or money to these campaigns, THANK YOU for helping restore some balance and justice in this country. And to all of you, thank you for your ongoing rejection of hate and fear.


November General Meeting
Sunday, November 12th
12:30 – 2:30pm —please note the earlier start time
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

Senator Harris Office Visit
Thursday, November 30th
50 United Nations Plaza

Zombie TrumpCare rises again

It’s hard to believe, but Senate Republicans are trying to bring TrumpCare back from the dead again. Not much is known about the new bill (surprise, surprise) but we know it would once again destroy Medicaid. The GOP has only until September 30 to pass this toxic bill, and we know it’s going to be a tough fight, particularly as Senator John McCain has said he would support it. Get your dialing finger ready.

Trump is trying to torpedo the Affordable Care Act whether TrumpCare passes or not. His latest maneuver is to withdraw funding for the outreach necessary to promote the ACA and help Americans sign up — which especially affects the most vulnerable populations such as non-English speakers and those who don’t have Internet access. This is just the most recent attack on critical programs for Americans, and is sadly consistent with Trump’s budget priorities, which include cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, education, and Pell grants.

DACA recipients are still reeling from last week’s horrible announcement, and now the House is expected to vote this Tuesday on a bill that criminalizes immigrants, including those fleeing gang violence, and allows more of them to be detained and deported. It also affects vulnerable populations such as asylum seekers, TPS holders, and unaccompanied children. This is the kind of legislation that makes it easier than ever for ICE to terrorize immigrants and encourages others to turn away rather than offering support and demanding justice.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma is pounding Florida and Betsy DeVos is trying to remove sexual assault protections on college campuses.

There are a lot of places to direct your passion right now. Stay focused on the issues that matter most to you, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Hopping mad about any of the above? Join us at Congresswoman Pelosi’s office this week to find out what she’s doing to make sure TrumpCare stays dead, and to protect Americans from Trump’s deadly budget cuts. If you can’t make it, submit your ideas for talking points to policy@standupsf.net.


Bring a friend to our next meeting! Come to hear guest speaker Rafael Mandelman, President of San Francisco City College’s Board, talk about the resistance movement and how it’s shaping our communities in the Bay Area.

Stand Up SF September Meeting
Sunday, September 17th
2pm – 4pm

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Kill TrumpCare and defend the ACA: Tell all three MoCs that you appreciate their efforts to defend the ACA and protect Americans’ health care. You can say “I want the [Congresswoman/Senator] to know that I appreciate her ongoing work to defend the ACA. I am counting on her to work against Graham-Cassidy, the latest version of TrumpCare, and want to know what she’s doing to offset Trump’s sabotage of the ACA, such as cutting funding for outreach.”
  • Defend DACA recipients: Tell all three MoCs that you want the Dream Act attached to every must-pass bill in Congress. (background and scripts)
  • Don’t let Congress criminalize immigrants: Call Congresswoman Pelosi and tell her to vote no on H.R. 3697, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act. You can say “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in San Francisco. I am concerned that H.R. 3697 will make vulnerable immigrants who are trying to escape gang violence into ICE targets. Let’s not punish asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, and others who are especially vulnerable. Please vote no on H.R. 3697.”
  • Protect Americans from dangerous budget cuts: Call both Senators and tell them to oppose any budget any resolution that makes cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, or SNAP, and doesn’t offset tax cuts with new revenue or closing loopholes. (explainer and script)

Actions with other groups

  • Tue 9/12: Protect San Franciscans from police violence. At this meeting, the San Francisco Police Comission will consider a proposal by Chief Scott to arm SFPD with Tasers. Come out and voice your concerns.
  • Wed 9/13: Join Swing Left’s monthly meeting to prepare to canvass and register voters in the red district of San Joaquin County. RSVP.
  • Protect voting rights: Join the ACLU’s national voting rights campaign. Sign up to send text messages and help recruit for this vital effort.

Thanks for all you do.


This is America

On November 9 of last year, many Americans woke up to an America they did not recognize, did not know. Yesterday’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a grim reminder of the America that people of color in this country have always known, an America that has persisted despite hard-won civil rights gains, an America that is founded on white supremacy. The electoral college that propelled Trump to victory was created to bolster the federal power of agrarian, slaveholding states, and now we all have to live with the implications of that legacy. If we are horrified by the violence we saw yesterday, we must face it. If we want to create a country that is better than this, we must not turn away from the country we have. This is a moment to hold ourselves accountable. For those of us who are considered white, this is our mess to clean up. We can do better. We must do better.

Some of you have been fighting for racial justice a lot longer than I have, and to you, this is not news. Others might benefit from learning more about how systemic racism is built into the structure of our society, by design, and what we might to do dismantle structural racism and rebuild America. You should know that as a leader of our group, and as a person who benefits from white privilege, these lessons inform every action I take and every action I ask you to take. And although what we do in this group matters, the struggle for justice can’t be won through political and legislative action alone. As we were reminded yesterday, this is a culture war, and it will be fought in the streets and in living rooms as well as in congress and in the voting booth.

If you’re wrestling with strong feelings today, and you want to stand with vulnerable communities in Charlottesville and here in San Francisco, you can join a candlelight vigil tonight at 24th and Mission or City Hall.

At our next meeting, you’ll hear comments from Indivisible Charleston about how they are dealing with the repercussions of Charlottesville in their region. You’ll also get reports from our recent actions, including an informal conversation with Congresswoman Pelosi’s staff.

Meanwhile, it may be recess, but there’s plenty to do.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions

  • Black women make 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes. Call Senator Harris and thank her for crafting the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would end the pay gap for Black women. You can say “I’d like to thank Senator Harris for her work to create the Paycheck Fairness Act. As a constituent, I want her to know that I appreciate her standing up for Black women’s rights and for economic and racial justice.”
  • It’s already mid-August, and none of our MoCs have held a town hall yet. Call both senators and ask for a town hall in San Francisco. You can say “Hi. My name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Stand Up San Francisco. We’re more than a week into the senator’s state work period and I’m concerned that I haven’t heard anything yet about her plan for a town hall. Please schedule a weekend town hall soon. I want to make plans to attend.”
  • Deadline 8/15: Say no to Exec Order 13795, “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy,” which would potentially open up 4 national marine sanctuaries in California to oil and gas exploration. Make a comment to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and tell them to protect our coastal ecosystems, local wildlife, and California’s economy (instructions and points to include).

Actions with other groups

The GOP doesn’t believe in democracy

While we fight to preserve our health care, other critical battles are being waged in the House and Senate. This week, the Trump administration laid the groundwork for an unprecedented attack on voting rights, defunding the Election Assistance Committee (which helps prevent hacked voting machines), demanding personally identifying voter information from all 50 states, and signaling an intent to sue states to force them to trim their voting rolls.

I felt positively queasy when I read this news, and then I got angry. This administration, and the Republicans in Congress who allow it to flourish, don’t care about democracy. They only care about consolidating and retaining power. They’ve figured out that they will lose elections unless they rig the system to prevent millions from exercising their right as citizens to cast a vote. So they increase gerrymandering, gut the Voting Rights Act, reduce early voting, and do everything they can to prevent fair elections.

There is some good news: California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has already rejected 45’s request for voter information, and as of Friday, at least 9 other states have done the same. Another 10 states have signaled resistance to the request, and voter advocacy groups like the ACLU have also come out against it, and are working diligently to promote access to the ballot and to sue the Trump administration for its many violations of our laws.

Senator Harris, who endorsed the Indivisible process to protect health care in her email blast this week, took to Facebook to oppose these disturbing attempts to curtail our freedom to vote, while Senator Feinstein was more circumspect. This week, we’ll be asking you to thank them both for their critiques, but also to pressure Senator Feinstein to make a stronger public statement.

Next week, you’ll have the chance to ask Congresswoman Pelosi to speak out against this attack on our voting rights, and to ask her staff what she — and we — can do to protect Americans from disenfranchisement.

Something to look forward to
Party with Stand Up SF members! A member is graciously opening her home to us for an afternoon of Mexican food and margaritas, coming up on July 29th. You’ll get an invitation soon. We look forward to seeing you there.

This week’s Stand Up SF actions:

  • Call Senator Harris and thank her for standing up for voting rights. You can say, “My name is _____ and I’m calling to thank the senator for her strong public statement in opposition to Trump’s request for personal voting information and her dedication to protecting our voting rights. I appreciate the senator using her public platform to raise awareness of this attempt at disenfranchisement.”
  • Call Senator Feinstein and thank her for voicing her concerns about Trump’s request for voter information, but prompt her to do more. You can say, “My name is _____ and I’m calling to thank the senator for voicing her concerns about Trump’s request for personal voting information. I’d like the senator to go further and make a strong statement condemning this transparent attempt at racial profiling and disenfranchisement of American citizens.”
  • Shore up our senators for the battle ahead: Call to thank Senator Harris and Senator Feinstein for their unwavering public opposition to TrumpCare. Remind them that they must withhold consent on all Senate business until the bill receives public review. Tell them not to vote for any amendments that will help Republicans pass TrumpCare. If you reach a human on the phone, take the opportunity to share a little bit about why this issue is important to you. (script)
  • Take local action on campaign finance reform: The California Disclose Act, AB 249, is going to move to the state Senate for a vote soon. AB 249 will strike a major blow against dark money in elections by requiring ballot measure ads to clearly and prominently show their true funders on the ads themselves – the first bill in the nation to do so. Call CA Assemblymembers and say “I believe that voters deserve to know who is paying for political ads. I therefore ask Assemblymember ______ to endorse, publicly support, and vote for AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act.”

Actions with other groups

Thanks for all you do.