A glimpse of a better future

Yes, it really happened. Doug Jones, who prosecuted Ku Klux Klan domestic terrorists, defeated credibly-accused child molester Roy Moore to take Jeff Sessions’ Alabama Senate seat away from the GOP.A

It just got a whole lot harder for Republicans to legislate Trump’s destructive agenda. 

This spectacular Twitter thread from progressive journalist Al Giordano describes how Jones won: old-fashioned feet on the street. The NAACP and Black churches mobilized to get out the vote. The same winning strategy created the blue wave in Virginia last month.

If we can win in Alabama, we can win anywhere. And we must. Progressive Americans spent 2017 in a holding pattern. We kept up the pressure on our Members of Congress. We resisted successive attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We haven’t retreated, but we can’t advance.

To move forward, we need more votes in the Senate and the House. We need Senate wins in Nevada and Arizona. We need House seats everywhere.

That’s why I’m delighted to join Laura and Paul on the leadership team of Stand Up SF. It’s also why I’m committing to working with SwingLeft to defeat Jeff Dunham in CA District 10 in 2018.

You can sign up for SwingLeft here. Let’s make last night’s victory the first of many.

Thanks for everything you do.

Thank you

Let me reflect on gratitude for a second. In troubled times, when we’re fighting for justice on so many fronts, it’s crucial that we not lose sight of the remarkable achievements that you, the members of Stand Up San Francisco, have accomplished:

  • Creating a voice for justice and against ignorant and toxic tyranny.
  • Helping defeat legislation that would have deprived millions of health care.
  • Building a broad coalition of progressive groups in the Bay Area to work together against the Trump agenda.
  • Providing your great ideas so that Stand Up SF can become a better organization, and thus help create a more perfect union.
  • Generously giving of your time and energy when we needed your help.
  • Showing up! Participating in office actions, meetings, working sessions and strategy conversations, and bringing your best selves to the work.

Alongside my gratitude to you for all of the above, I think my deepest gratitude today is for the future that you’re building: one where an engaged and passionate citizenry participates in the important civic questions of the day, making a real government of, by and for the people. This is the legacy of Stand Up San Francisco; thank you for making it possible.

For Today

On this day, I want to encourage you to consider making a special effort in service of North America’s indigenous peoples. One way to do so, in keeping with our mission to resist the Trump agenda: Stand With Standing Rock.

What victory means

Yesterday, a blue wave swept across the country, paying off a year’s worth of resistance in one unprecedented night.

Democrats won 14 of 15 races, held the Delaware Senate, flipped the Washington Senate, and may also have flipped the Virginia House of Delegates. In nearly every race, Republican men were beaten by women: women of color, queer women, and transwomen. Which is your favorite win: the new Virginia delegate, a transgender woman who unseated the man who wrote the state’s “bathroom bill,” or the new Sikh mayor of Hoboken who overcame a racist marketing campaign?

We’ve been focusing our efforts at the federal level, but winning these state races is crucial to protect voting rights. With Democrats committed to enfranchisement at the helm, we can look forward to fixing gerrymandering and re-enfranchising voters of color in at least three key states.

Above all, these wins show the power of the resistance, the work we’ve all done and will keep doing, until November 2018 looks just like last night.

If you donated your time or money to these campaigns, THANK YOU for helping restore some balance and justice in this country. And to all of you, thank you for your ongoing rejection of hate and fear.


November General Meeting
Sunday, November 12th
12:30 – 2:30pm —please note the earlier start time
Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey Street

Senator Harris Office Visit
Thursday, November 30th
50 United Nations Plaza